Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall Obsessions!

I couldn't be any happier that Fall is soon approaching!! To "celebrate" the season, I decided to do this little TAG where you say your favorite products to the Fall season! I have many favorites in the fall season, it's my favorite time to play around with all the colors! I'm ALL about warm and jewel tones! So here they are :)

Favorite Face Product:

Although it's really not considered a "face product", I have to chose Benefit's "Benetint" as my favorite "face product" because it gives the most natural flush to the cheeks and lips with minimal effort. This product never leaves my purse in the fall and winter months! It brings life
back to what can be a pale face in the fall and winter.

Favorite Blush:

I'm all for warm cheeks in the fall season, my favorite has to be my newest MAC mineralize blush in the color "Gleeful". It's a dark rosy blush with gold sparkles running through it, it is absolutely GORGEOUS! I can't get enough of it! It gives such a healthy medium-deep rosey color to the cheeks that looks like its coming from within, I definitely recommend all you ladies to go try it out at your nearest MAC counter if you have a medium to skin complexion.

Favorite Combo:

I'm not one to go for lipliners, I feel as though they dry out my lips too much. Instead, I opt for a moisturizing lip conditioner or lip balm of some sort to make sure my lips are really well hydrated. My favorite lipstick i MAC's "Fast Play" which is medium/dark dusty mauve color with pink undertones. It looks lovely on the lips by itself, however I like apply Covergirls 205 "Smolder" on the center of the lips for a more brownish look to them. (Both of these lipsticks offer a very creamy moisturizing feels to them with opaque coverage) Then at the end, I like to apply just a bit of Smashbox's "Tease" lipgloss on top for a plummy sheen.

Favorite Eye Product:

MAC "Sketch" eyeshadow! I can't get enough of this shadow in the fall! It was actually my first ever MAC purchase!! It's a deep plumy color with sparkles in it (although the sparkles don't translate to the eye). It's truly an amazing color that offers so much to be done with it. You can deepen up a look by using it in the outer corner, or create a plumy smokey eye with it, all around an AMAZING eyeshadow!

Favorite Nail Polish:

I'm not one to wear bright nail polish so often, and if i do, I don't keep it on my nails that long. For the season, my favorite nail varnish definitely has to be OPI's "Royal Rajah Ruby". It came out with the India collection a while back, but still a favorite! It is a deep warm maroon with red and brown undertones. It has a golden-red sheen/glitter running trough it, which only enhances the nail polish.

Favorite Hair Product:

My absolute favorite thing to do is to curl my hair in the fall! I have pin-straight hair, which can be boring sometimes. In the summer I don't tend to use heat on my hair, so in the fall I go a bit crazy with the curling. To help my hair with all this heat, I use the "It's a 10 Miracle leave-in product". The product is a "10 in 1" therapy spray. It mainly use it to replenish moisture to my hair and to protect it from the heat. It claims to:

1. Repair dry, damaged hair
2. Add shine
3. Detangle
4. Control frizz
5. Seal & protect hair color
6. Prevent split ends
7. Stops hair breakage
8. Create silkiness
9. Enhance natural body
10. Flat iron spray & thermal protector.

Favorite Fashion Item:

reason fall is my favorite season has alot to do with the clothing, it's absolutely adorable (and keeps you warm) !! I am probably one of the biggest scarf addicts out there, (I have so many!) I really couldn't narrow it down to one particular scarf, so instead i'll show you my favorite 3!

They all go with the colors I would most wear in fall, a plum-lilac floral pattern with beige "ruffles" at the ends. Another is a scarf with a gradient of a light olive green all the way to a deep olive with gold shimmer running through it. And the last one is a Burberry-esque that will make any outfit more sophisticated and put together. This scarf that is an absolute staple in the fall for me!

What are your Fall Obsessions? <3

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