Sunday, September 18, 2011

Top Fall Nail Polishes!

I'm so excited Fall is soon approaching! Fall is my absolute favorite season, all the cute clothes (scarves, cardigans, boots) the warm hues outside warm coffee, and it means Christmas is near! Now, even though I live in the south and it's still not actually "Fall/Autumn" but I'm so crazy about these colors that I'm already wearing these darker hues!

TOP 5:

Zoya's Dree: A gorgeous creamy opaque army colored green. It looks gorgeous against my yellow-toned skin, definitely one of my top 3 favorites this fall. It's such a non-conventional color for fall that we don't see that often but still looks clean and polished.

Zoya's Jem: An absolute breath-taking dark burgundy with reflects of olive green. To me, this shade and the next one I'm going to be talking about (Orly's Space Cadet) looked like exact dupes in the bottle but once applied they were COMPLETELY different. This is my #1 pick for this Fall!

Orly's Space Cadet: I've had this shade for a while now and i have no idea why I was so silly as to shy away from it! Its such a pretty color to look at! It has a mixture of olive green/gold reflects with a burgundy tone undertone. It is the most unique shade I own to date. It reminds me a lot of the new Chanel nail polish "Peridot". As I mentioned above, I thought this and Zoya's Jem where pretty much the same shade but I was so wrong. I'll be wearing this more than not as a accent nail on the ring finger with either Zoya's Dree or Jem on the rest of the nails.

Essie's Very Structured: In my opinion, every girl needs a Camel toned leather bag but also, every girl needs a warm toned camel nail polish. This shade blows my mind away at how simple yet genius it is. It's like I said, a Camel Leather color to me. It goes perfectly with my leather hang bag and boots. I know I will get LOADS of use out of this shade.

OPI's Ski Teal We Drop: This deep teal shade was a favorite of mine last year also when it came out with the Swiss Collection, but once again it attracts me. I love the contrast it gives with warm toned outfit. It also looks very complementing with cooler tones. Overall this unique shade is one that I always get compliments while wearing.

Other Top Picks:

OPI's You Don't Know Jacques: How the French say, Comme D'habitude this shade had to be included in this post! Its one of those shades that I will wear year round and never think it's not appropriate. Its a taupey-brown shade that in my opinion, will never go out of style for fall and winter.

OPI's Royal Rajah Ruby: Like I said in my Fall Obsessions post, this shade came out with the India collection a while back, but still a favorite! It is a deep warm maroon with red and brown undertones. It has a golden-red sheen/glitter running trough it, which only enhances the nail polish.

OPI's Bogota Blackberry: A reddish-toned plum with a satin finish. I can't really describe this shade, but I can say that it is basically MAC's Cranberry Eyeshadow. I really like this shade because it has enough depth to grab someones attention to your nails (in a good way) but yet not being overly dark for the fall.

OPI's Black Cherry Chutney: This shade is a deep purple, (but not quite as dark as Linkin Park After Dark) I has a burgundy sheen shot through it that can be seen in certain angles/lighting. Its dark, without being too dark.

OPI's Brisbane Bronze: Since metallic is really in this fall, i figured I'd choose this beautiful metallic copper shade. (Its like MAC's Coopering in an eyeshadow) Its great for medium & deep skins. I will wear this a lot as an accent nail on my ring finger with Essie's Very Structured on the rest of my nails.

Honorable Mentions:

What are your top nail polish picks this fall?

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Abigail said...

I'm wearing Zoya's Dree on my nails now and I love it! I don't want to take it off!