Monday, September 19, 2011

Multi-tasking Beauty Tips!


  • On the cheeks as a cream blush.
  • A neutral tone on the eyelids for a sheer wash of colour.
  • A dark beige/brown tone as a contour underneath the cheekbones, under the chin, down the sides of the nose.
  • An orange tone with concealer to neutralize darkness.

Clear Ointment/balm (think lanolips/paw paw ointment):

  • On the highest points of the face as a highlight.
  • Mixed with blush for a fresh runway cream cheek colour.
  • As a clear gloss.
  • On the eyelashes when out of mascara. (Ensure you use petroleum free)
  • On the brows to keep them in place, on the eyelids for a fresh dewy look.
  • Mixed with lip liner for a cheek colour.
  • On the eyelids for a fresh natural looking runway finish.


  • On the lash line as an eyeliner when used with a eyeliner brush.

Brow Pencil:

  • As an eyeliner.


  • A matte neutral shade as a brow fill in.
  • As an eyeliner.
  • As a lip or cheek colour.
  • A medium/dark brown matte or shimmer shade as a bronzer.
  • A light shimmery shade as a highlighter.
  • A dark matte neutral shade as a contour.


  • As an eyeshadow on the lids.
  • As an eyeliner.
  • As a lip colour when mixed with clear gloss/balm.
  • As a contour.

Clear Mascara:

  • On the brows to keep them in place.
  • Around the lip line to prevent lipstick from bleeding/feathering.

Lip Liner:

  • Before Lipstick to prevent feathering/bleeding.
  • Mixed with a small amount of clear balm for a cheek colour.
  • A dark brown or bold vivid colour as an eyeliner.


  • As a lip colour when mixed with a clear balm/gloss.
  • For a very subtle hint of colour on the eyelids.
  • A dark neutral shade as a contour.


  • As an eyeshadow when used over the entire eye lid.
  • As a brow fill in.
  • As an eyeshadow base for other colours.


  • On the eyelids with a dusting of translucent powder as an eyelid primer.
  • On the lips extremely lightly to neutralize them before applying lip colour.
  • As a tinted moisturiser when mixed with moisturiser.
  • As a long lasting sheer foundation when mixed with primer.
  • A dark shade as a contour.


  • A light hydrating formula on the lips as a lip primer.
  • A matte finish primer as an eyelid primer when set with powder.
  • Use a clear silicon based primer too fix dried up gel liner.


  • As an eraser to correct any lipstick mistakes.
  • A dark shade as a contour.

I remember seeing this on tumblr about a week or two ago, and saved it so i cant give credit to the blog i found it on, hope it was helpful!

Do you have any special beauty tricks? <3

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