Monday, August 22, 2011

Too Faced: Lip of Luxury!

I've been a big fan of Too Faced Cosmetics for a while now, so I decided to give their lipsticks a shot once I saw how cute their packaging was! It's definitely a tube of lipstick that I don't mind putting on in public! The packaging is a shiny light pink color with a big rhinestone on the top! One word, PRECIOUS! <3

I ended up picking up the shade Centerfold, (yes... the name IS centerfold!) It's a mid-tone cool toned mauvey purple-pink color. It's an absolutely beautiful color, but unfourtunately it didn't suit my skin tone so well. I found it too cool toned to compliment my coloring, however, i think that pairing it under a warmer toned lipgloss would make it wearable for me. I think I will end up using the color more in the winter months when my skin is paler and less warm toned.

Overall, the lipstick has a great silky smooth feeling as it's applied to the lips. There is a small sour smell to it, but it's nothing offensive. It has a normal 2-3 hours wear on me.

I think I would skip out on this if you have a warmer skin tone, just because the color doesn't suit yellow-based skin as well as it would for a cooler tone. The shade was a miss for be but I will definitely be trying out other shades in the future!

Have you ever been attracted to a lipstick simply
because of its packaging? <3

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