Thursday, August 18, 2011

My favorite cheekies!

For a while now I have been fancying keeping my eye make up to a minimal (neutral & no eyeliner) and instead I've been playing up either my lips or cheeks. Now, let's not get any wrong ideas here.. Eyeshadow is still my absolute favorite genre of make up. I just think that for so long its been ALL about the eyes and neutral cheeks, which is kind of a waste for me because I do an extensive collection of bright cheekies and lippies. But be forewarned, about half of my favorite cheek products happen to be NARS products.
(but with pigmentation like theirs, who wouldn't be obsessed!?)

Anyways, for now I'll just share my top 10 favorite cheek products!

1. Benefit's Moon Beam:

This liquid highlighter tops any other liquid highlighter that I've ever tried. I find that most highlighters tend to have a pinky tone to them (ex. highbeam), and that is something I definitely don't fancy. What i love this product is that it gives me the freedom to mix it in with my foundation for an over-all glow, on the high points of my face by itself or paired under a powder highlighter for all day wear. It gives a nice "natural" glow to the high points if my face. I find it with not a shimmery finish at all, but more of an iridescent golden-yellowy-pinky tinge to it (if that makes sense!) I couldn't seem to be able to take a decent swatch of it, so here's a full review of it with pictures included :)

2. Benefit's Benetint:

My ABSOLUTE favorite cheek/lip product!! Especially in winter! It gives such a nice natural rosy flush to the skin as if you just came in from the cold. It has a deep berry color in the tube but it comes out as a rosy-flush color (no shimmer) once its blended on the skin. It only takes a couple of drops to get the job done. The best part about this product is that it not only can be used on the lips too, but that it will last ALL day! Many products rave about how long-wearing they are, but this is one that truly performs up to its hype. I also couldn't seem to catch a decent swatch of it, so once again, here's where you can go check it out!

3. NARS Casino Bronzer:

The deeper version of the cult-face "Laguna" bronzer. This deep brown bronzer has a hint of very fine gold shimmer shot through out it. I find this bronzer extremely useful for not only warming up the face, but also doing some serious contouring for when I'm going for a chiseled look. As with all the NARS products, their pigmentation is truly unreal, you really get what you pay for! You need the slightest amount of product!!

4. Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzer:

If you're looking for something completely opposite that of NARS Casino, then this is your best pick! This bronzer has truly been my best friend this summer. It gives such warmth to my face. It's subtle enough where it doesn't look like I have bronzer all over my temples and cheekbones, but it still gives an effect to the skin. I know it'll sound pretty cheesy, but it truly does give me a "sun-kissed" glow!

5. Too Faced Aqua Bunny Bronzer:
I love this bronzer for a variety of reasons, but my favorite has to be that is it a cream-to-powder bronzer so the finish is more natural. I like the ability this product gives me, I can wear it on its own for a great warmth to the face without shimmer. Not only is the color not too dark (making it perfect for day use) but the blendability is a dream. I really have no complaints about this bad boy, it gets two big thumbs up!!

Left to Right: NARS Casino, Este Lauder Bronze Goddess,
Too Faced Aqua Bunny.

6. MAC's Melba Blush:

The PERFECT peachy blush for warm skin tones! I've tried this blush on my friends, my mom and even my grandma! It complimented all of their different skin tones. Even my mom went out and got one for herself because she liked it so much. I find myself reaching for this blush all the time, whether it's a dark smokey eye or a light neutral eye. It has a matte finish but is super blendable and buildable. Melba is definitely my go-to everyday blush.

7. NARS Torrid Blush:

Such a gorgeous pink! It's super fresh and gives a great lifted look to the face! It's a light to medium pink with gold undertones and shimmer through it. It has far less shimmer than the famous Orgasm blush from NARS. I find this as my version of what I would like Orgasm to look on me. Not to shimmery, yet illuminating.

8. NARS Dolce Vita Blush:

Truly a gorgeous burnt rose colored blush. It gives a great pinked look to the cheeks.
Since it is so very, very pigmented. You have to have a very light hand and build
up the color. I reach for this blush usually more often during the fall and winter
months because it'd be a tad much during the spring in summer (especially in the
heat of the South). But if you are a lady of deeper complexion, I recommend this
this blush for you 100%!

9. NARS Taj Mahal Blush:

Let me just begin by saying that this is hands down the most gorgeous blush I own, of all brands! It just doesn't look beautiful in the pan, it looks amazing on the face. It's a mixture of a burnt orange with gold shimmer running through it. It looks BEAUTIFUL in the summer with a nice tan. I take a stippling brush and just lightly sweep it over my cheeks. No need for a highlighter, no need for a bronzer; this blush does it all for warm summer glow.

10. NARS Albatross Highlighter Blush:
I know, I know, this blog post has become dominated by NARS! But really, I find that the quality of their products really does deliver for their hefty price tag. Anyways, Albatross is my favorite Highlighter! And trust me when I say that I've tried A LOT of highlighters. Although it looks scary white in the pan, once applied it becomes a gorgeous glowing light gold. Over time, it has truly become my HG highlighter, I can't imagine myself using anything else! Not only does it work fabulous on its own, but pairing it over a liquid of cream highlighter will ensure your skin to be gorgeous all day. I recommend this more for warmer skin tones or when you have a tan. I also use it as an inner corner highlight and eyebrow color on occasion so it makes my face radiant.

Left to Right: NARS Albatross, NARS Dolce Vita, MAC's Melba,
NARS Torrid, NARS Taj Mahal.

What would your top 10 favorite cheek products be? <3

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